Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh You Know… Just Taking Care of the Details

Yep, I’m spending the ‘DAY’ doing things I tend to shy away from and kinda dread... (just a little).  Okay, maybe a LOT. * organizing my photo files * resizing photos and images  * updating my website * creating a new banner * reformatting my blog + finding my way around it again because it seems every time I open it things have changed * etc. * etc. 

Thank heavens for Pandora! I’m listening to the ‘Amy Winehouse' station. It’s the best mix of new and super, groovy-old. Between you/me, I think I’m still mourning her passing. I couldn’t tackle all of these projects without good tunes... and of course having the amp turned to eleven.

unknown artist

So… Check it!
Lots of new improvements to the blog - Lot’s more techy-stuff to do, but for now..  Yay!

In the meantime, this painting is currently on exhibit at Studio 12 Gallery
in Denver, though August 17th.

'Colors of Abiquiu'

This painting makes me think of the high-desert, New Mexico landscape that was such an inspiration to the lovely Georgia O'Keefe. If you'd like a little refresher, here's a great link that will provide a brief history and insight to this progressive artist and pioneering woman.