Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mentoring Small Hands

I recently had the pleasure of mentoring a budding artist, Ella. Can we say… 'enthusiastic', 'happy' and 'confident' ? - - -  and she's 10! Plus, she's a ton of fun to hang out with.

This summer she wanted to learn a few jewelry techniques. Once a week she'd ride her bike over and we would hang out in my studio learning new ways to connect her pretty collection of beads. We’d spend our time together gabbing about her friends, summer pool parties and sleep-overs, (fun girl-stuff), all the while designing and crafting thoughtful gifts for her friends, her mom and her sister. It was a blast.

Along with jewelry making, Ella has a few other crazy, creative tricks up her sleeve – she sews with her mom, she draws, paints, dances and performs - - AND she sells some of her crafty creations at a local artisan boutique, The Design Garage. How cool is THAT?!  What a great way for her to learn about the business side of her passions – plus she is very fortunate to have such a supportive group of friends and family cheering her on.

All I can say is…
Watch out New York art scene – here comes ELLA!

(green & pink are two of her faves)