Thursday, April 23, 2009

April, 2009
Spring is here !

Spring has arrived in the Rockies! The snow-capped mountains are beautiful and there's a sense of enthusiasm. Artists everywhere are busy in their studios creating new works of art for the summer season of Art Shows. I am one of those artists! I have been very busy adding to my inventory of designs. Check out my ‘small works of art’, and the upcoming summer event schedule – come celebrate the season!

There's Something About the Recession...

I recognize that there are a lot of families in need right now, but I have to say.. There's something about the recession and the effect it is having on us - in a positive way. It seems it has forced everyone to slow down, take notice about what's really important, and spend quality time with friends and family. While we're all pinching pennies we are also taking time to connect in ways we were too busy to in the past; enjoying meals and family-time together at the dinner table, growing veggies with the neighbors, coffee visits on the weekends, and reconnecting with the 'ol crowd on Facebook and Twitter. We're really reaching out and quietly offering strength to the amazing people around us.

In the jewelry world is seems these small intimate connections are influencing our styles and trends. More and more designers are relating to their clients by incorporating a personal sentiment to their work. You see designs that integrate birthstones, baby names, initials, poetry and inspirational words. I have to say.. I love all of it! It just feels good and you innately want to share these expressions with others. Can I tell you? I know I have a business to run, but consistently I'm so inspired by my girlfriends that I frequently feel I could just make inspirational jewelry for them all day. It's a way of letting them know how terrific they are, and how I admire what they do, by designing intimate pieces combining colors, words, and talismans. It's a way of supporting those we love and also saying 'thank you'.

I'll admit - I couldn't hold back any longer! There's something special about creating and giving a piece that is thoughtfully made out of love. Based on the incredible women in my life I have started 3 new lines of charm necklaces. There's something so petite and happy about them. I love making them and I love giving them; and I think you will too. Check the website for the new designs; Cable Coin Necklaces, Charm Necklaces, and Cable Lariats. They're at such a great price point they make perfect gifts - and more importantly each one is lovingly handcrafted.

Speaking of amazing women.. Don't forget to celebrate all the incredible mother's that change the world on a daily basis. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th. Take a moment to peruse through my online inventory and select a piece that will let her know how important she is; whether she's YOUR mother, your wife, or your amazing BFF.

It is these small intimate connections that are inspirational and empowering. And in times like these, it is the significant things we’ll hold on to.

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women in my life!

Each Mother's Day gift will include a special poem when gift-wrapped.

** Don't be bashful - Contact me if you need something a little different to make that connection.

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