Friday, September 28, 2012

Two NEW Paintings up on the web!

Yep, I’ve been busy in the studio. Not to worry, I haven’t abandoned my jewelry side; I’m just wrapping up a few canvases and a few other arty projects in preparation for the new Etsy shop. Yay!! I’m trying so hard to stay on track and I feel like I’m already a week behind. I caught some silly cold and can’t seem to muster up the energy to work on my Due-Date-List. (Such a bummer –  I don’t like to waste time. I mean, these are my dreams were talking about, right?) So here I am, in bed, coughing up a lung and sipping tea, with my sweet puppy at my feet, worrying that I need to do SOMETHING!

I thought I’d let you in on what’s going on over here. Like I mentioned, it’s been BUSY with lots of great goals on the horizon. My next goal is to get the Etsy shop up in the month of October with a few gifty-gift items – I’m super excited btw. After that I’ll switch gears and work on new jewelry designs for the boutiques and the web in time for the holidays. I know!! I have a lot to do. Plus, remember in between all the fun arty stuff, I’m up late at night designing new marketing materials, ordering more business cards, applying to shows and exhibits, working on admin junk that I avoid (filing receipts, QuickBooks entries, yadda-yadda) + reading blogs, surfing the web and staying excited about the things I love; art history, the current art and design scene, and travel – all good stuff that keeps me inspired. The point being is there is a lot to do – Always! But I love it ALL!


So here are the new paintings:

This one is Roses are...
Roses are...
This painting is one of the smallest paintings I’ve ever done. It’s 14x14. I started it this summer while on vacation, specifically because the canvas is a nice travel size. I won’t lie to you, I struggled with this one. I don’t typically paint small and I have to say I found it challenging. Must do more and get past that. J

This painting is ‘Seasonal Improv.
Seasonal Improv
It’s late September in Colorado now and the change of seasons is on the forefront of our minds. This painting was definitely influenced by this change.  I purposefully draw the viewer’s attention to the right corner. By painting with bright colors I feel I invite you in to look into the past, celebrating the seasons of spring / summer and meadows of bright wildflowers. The warm mountain breeze begins to change to cool winds, symbolized by the circles, bringing in colder temperatures and loss of leaves on the trees, and eventually the snow begins to fall.

Thanks for taking a peak into my world. Hopefully I get over this cold, like today, cause it seems I need to work all weekend to make up for lost-sicky-time.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Love seasonal improv and the description. Beautiful work!

  2. love love love these! love all of 'em really! xo