Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Photo Review

Thank heavens for 2010! It seems I'm terribly behind with everything. Not to worry, I tell myself.. knee surgery is behind me.. I can get up/down the stairs.. and I'm back in the studio.

No time to update the blog just yet..

Here is a 2009 photo review

In memory of our good friend Jeff

LOVE these girls! (Chris & Kristen)

In memory of my sweet Italian Aunt (dad and Aunt Sarah)
Don'tcha just love this pic - they are cracking up!!

Good times for Mel's Birthday! (me, Mel & Jen)
A murder mystery/ghost tour through Boulder
on a crazy hippy bus (w/ just a little sangria..)
Banjo Billy's Bus Tour

My cousin's Colleen & Steve come to CO for a visit

Dinner party at my place (Marleen, Sandy, Kristen)
Hhhmm.. what gorgeous jewelry they're wearing

Hiking with my boys (Coop & Jetson)

Bob and Mary get MARRIED !!

Sandy (and Flower) on the Arkansas River in Salida, CO

Last art show of the summer season!
Monica and I had booths next to ea other and had such a fun wkend!
She's a mixed media artist from Denver.
(Coop surprised me with her sweet painting)

The silly boy !!

What a way to end the year.
Marleen, Sandy and I celebrate Sandy's birthday at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville, CO

Here's to having fun in 2010
Happy New Year !!

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