Monday, May 2, 2011

New Computer, New Blog, New Life

It's May and I'm finally checking in to my blog. What is that all about? It has been on my radar since January...

Where the heck have I been?
Last year Coop and I realized there was no way we could be summer-festivarians. I had knee surgery and the recovery was coming along great, (no more running allowed) but I was still in no shape to coordinate set-up, tear-down, or stand for long lengths of time. Art shows were out!

I accepted a part-time position at a gallery on Pearl St, in Boulder. SOOOO excited! It is my fav gallery here, Art + Soul Gallery.

Art + Soul Gallery
I died and had gone to heaven. I was so thrilled I immediately started painting! Seriously.. it was this crazy/awesome energy - and something I had put off for way too long. I always said... 'After the next art show', I'll start a new illustration or painting, 'After the next boutique order', blah-blah-blah... It's just terrible how life moves past you and you continue to put your passions on the back burner.

Meet Winston!
Our customer service specialist and front door greater!

Anyway, loved the gallery, LOVED the women I worked with.. man, they are awesome ladies for sure, LOVED Winston (and miss him), loved the art and the artists, and all the great experiences.. but my business suffered, and I missed my creative life.

I had been in touch with a friend, and artist, Monica Soeldner.
I love this photo of her

I mentioned to her my creative frustration and that I was literally going to burst if I didn't get back to my creative roots. She said it all and it was perfect - 'One thing I have learned this past year is that it's so huge to build a creative community - - find your tribe of supportive, creative, like-minded people, and get involved'. Funny how we know these things, but actually hearing it, and hearing it at that exact, wonderful moment when you really need to listen is SO huge. That was IT - there was no stopping me.

This was January and things were going to change. I sadly (and gladly) gave notice at the gallery. I got reconnected to the boutiques I had built relationships with (they have been so kind and patient) and I hit the studio hard. I got online and started planning out my summer season of art shows, applied and was thrilled to be juried in. Yay! My creative destiny was already starting to take shape for 2011. I also made a commitment to myself to stay more connected to the online artist community that I love, to blog more (here I AM!), to volunteer in the art community, to 'find my tribe' and to live a creative life.

As Amy Krouse Rosenthal so beautifully reminds us..
'make the most of your time here'

It's time to paint and fire up the torch!

Don't you love the energy that the new year brings.
Just the best.
What change have you committed to?

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