Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flora Bowley, 'Bloom True' Painting at The Makerie Retreat

Pinch me.. pinch me… I’m painting with Flora !!

'There are no mistakes'

'Trust your painting - you're already an artist'

'Paint with wild abandoment'

Following a few morning yoga poses in the sun, under the majestic views of the Flatirons, Flora Bowley began our painting workshop at The Makerie, encouraging us to have an open heart to the experience and to boldly paint with wild abandonment. There are no mistakes.

Flora's painting during the beginning of the day

We dripped, dashed, dotted, layered and washed bold colors of paint on the canvas, intuitively taking each painting through the process and allowing the composition to unfold naturally.

Flora adds more color and layers to her painting

Flora’s workshop was exhilarating and by far one of my most memorable experiences. Her supportive teaching style is both personable and brazen, pushing each of us to courageously paint without fear. We felt free!

My 'Bloom True' painting

Yes, I’d have to say I’m smitten too. Thanks Flora for a terrific afternoon and for reconnecting me to my BFF, Inspiration. As I've mentioned before, she is an awesome force.

Check out Flora's website for more information
and her upcoming teaching schedule !

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