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The Makerie: A creative retreat

Remember the days when you were young and life was all about paint, glitter, glue, s’mores and hanging with your best girlfriends?  Ali Dejohn of Boulder has resurrected those magical, creative moments in The Makerie, a creative weekend retreat hosted in beautiful Chautauqua / Boulder, Colorado.

The view of the FlatIrons from Chautauqua Park, where the event was held

I had the pleasure of volunteering for this fabulous event, which was held in April.  Can I tell you..?!!  I had champagne bubbles inside and couldn’t sleep I was so excited! 

When I found out about The Makerie I contacted Ali and mentioned to her that I would love to get involved – in any way. I was thrilled when she invited me to help out. What a great group of women and what a blast we all had!  This was the first time I met Ali, who is a total doll. As it turns out, she and I know similar circles of amazing women from the area, which just added to the great connection.

Don't you love this pic of Ali?!

: :  Tell me about all the fun!  : :

(photo by Linda Winski)
The Makerie is a creative retreat weekend in Boulder, CO, designed to lovingly nurture the creative spirit in all of us. It is full of amazing creative/crafting workshops (i.e. knitting, painting, block printing, pattern making, photography etc...) and is for anyone who wants to be creative or try something totally new in a supportive and loving environment. In addition to the classes, we offer wake-up yoga &/or hiking, as well as healthy, organic & local (where possible) yummy foods as part of the weekend so everyone feels cared for all around. Think of it like summer camp for adults (but in April!) & a weekend with no cooking or cleaning or errands, just creating & playing! People have the chance to stay in cozy cottages, eat communal meals together & simply be part of a fun, creative community for a few days.’ (this was taken from an interview with Ali; paper anniversary)

Here a few memories from the weekend festivities!

Pick a pinecone !!
Sweet messages are on the back of these nature souvenirs - an inspirational mantra for your wkend. (ie, get artsy, have an open heart, feel inspired)

Lunch just rolled in!
Literally.. on four wheels - it's our fav, The Comida Truck
It's about making new friends and grabbing some yummy lunch from the Comida truck! Women participated from all over the country, to include Canada! So much fun!!

Can you see me?  It's Amy Krouse Rosenthal..

‘Find the crevasses in your busy life, fill them with what inspires you’
‘Make the most of your time here’

Wow! Amy Krouse Rosenthal kicks off the Opening Ceremony via Skype. We were all SO inspired and touched by her presentation, along with the kind words from Ali, and the instructors who have arrived from all over the country to share their artsy wisdom.

Can you feel the creative enegy?!

Exciting things are happening in Flora Bowley’s ‘Bloom True’ class, as the women paint with ‘wild abandonment’. 

Creative colors bask in the sun
I happened to pass by these fabulous paintings drying.  They’re not finished yet.. This is just the first layer of paint. Love it!

The Cozy Bean greets us first thing Sunday morning for a welcome cup of java before shopping at The Makerie Market, hosted by Firefly Handmade.

Did you miss The Makerie this year?
Don’t miss it next year! Grab your girlfriends and come join the fun!

The Makerie, April 19 - 22, 2012

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